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MPF config file reference: FAST Pinball switches

MPF Configuration Reference for FAST Pinball Hardware

This documentation is reference material for users of the Mission Pinball Framework and FAST Pinball hardware. If you're new to MPF and FAST, read the MPF + FAST overview first. If you are a programmer writing your own software, see our Developer's Reference Guide.

The switches: section of your MPF config files contains the list of all switches in your machine, including switch name to hardware switch number mappings, as well as debounce settings.

Here's an example of the switches: section of an MPF config file when FAST Pinball hardware is used:

    number: cab-8 # (1)!
    number: cab-16 # (2)!
    number: 3208-0 # (3)!
      debounce_open: 5ms
      debounce_close: 20ms
  1. I/O board called "cab" from above, switch 8
  2. I/O board called "cab" from above, switch 16
  3. I/O board called "3208" from above, switch 0


Each switch has a number. With FAST Pinball hardware, the switch number is the name of the I/O board, then a dash, then the number of the switch input.

The name of the I/O board is whatever you called that board in the net: io_loop: section of your config.

The switch input number is the numeric portion of whatever is printed on the I/O board for that switch, e.g. S0, S15, etc.

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