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FAST Smart Power Filter Board for Neuron-controlled machines

Part Number: FP-PWR-0007

The FAST Smart Power Filter Board provides an elegant way to integrate switching power supplies into a pinball machine driven by a FAST Neuron Controller.

This board is an upgrade from our previous Power Filter Board which was designed for use with Nano-powered machines.

If you are not getting 48V output from your board even with good fuses...

The ENA IN header must be used in order for this board to output 48V. If you're just setting up your board for testing, put a jumper (or test clips, etc.) across Pin 1 and Pin 3 of J8. The 48V ENA LED should light.


  • Sits in-between your power supplies and your machine.
  • Supports 48V, 12V, and an additional voltage for your host PC power.
  • Acts as the primary power distribution point and fuse center for your machine.
  • 30,000µF of capacitors provide reserve capacity for the 48V circuit.
  • Six fuses (5x20mm) have LEDs to visually show their good/bad status.
  • Connectors are broken out for power distribution to the various sections of your machine. (Backbox, playfield, cabinet, topper, host PC, & FAST controller.)
  • Acts as the ground tie point for all DC power grounds in your machine.
  • "Smart" ready. An onboard microprocessor communicates with the Neuron and game software for remote monitoring and management, including:
    • 48V current draw
    • Fuse status
    • Remote control of 48V output enable/disable
  • Smart functionality is not complete will be enabled via a future firmware update.

These capacitors will hold their charge after power is removed

Since capacitors are used to store electrical energy, they will hold their charge after power is removed. The FAST Smart Power Filter board has circuitry which will discharge these capacitors once power is removed, but this happens slowly over several hours. Always treat large caps as if they're charged!


  • All 0.156" headers are rated for 7A max per pin
  • 48V circuit can be used for any voltage from 20-60VDC.
  • CPU / host PC circuit can be usd for any voltage from 9-60VDC

Mechanical Diagram

Dimensions are in mm

Connectors Housings Needed

Qty Pins Size Description
1 9-pin 0.156" 48V/12V power out
2 7-pin 0.156" 48V power in, CPU/12V power in
1 4-pin 0.156" Cabinet power out
4 3-pin 0.156" Controller, Backbox, Topper, CPU power out
1 5-pin 0.100" Breakout
2 3-pin 0.100" 48V Enable in, out
6 fuses 5x20mm Don't forget your fuses!

Wiring Guides

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