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Using MPF with your FAST Nano Controller

MPF has supported the Nano Controller since it was released, and we intend to support the Nano in the future. The current released version of MPF 0.56.0, or any prior version, will work with the Nano.

We are working on a 0.56.1 update for MPF to add support for the new Neuron Controller. We have not added Nano support to that build yet, but we will before merging it into the main MPF project. So if you're an existing Nano user, you can continue to use MPF 0.56.0 or any prior version. Just don't go to 0.56.1 yet.

FAST Nano MPF config instructions

Details for using MPF with the FAST Nano Controller are in the FAST config instructions section of the MPF docs. These instructions are valid for version of MPF up through 0.56.0. They will not apply to 0.56.1 in the future.

Migrating your configs to MPF 0.56.1

MPF 0.56.1 and newer will require a few changes to your config files for your FAST hardware. Most of the changes are in the fast: section of your config, and you should be able to do them in a few minutes. These are one-time changes which you'll use with MPF 0.56.1 and newer moving forward.

Coming soon!

This section of the documentation is not yet complete and will be coming soon. However, if you need this now, and/or you want to share what documentation is most important to you, please post to the #docs channel in the FAST Pinball Slack community. Thanks!

Documentation Feedback? Requests? Confused?

Hi! I'm Brian, and I'm responsible for the documentation at FAST Pinball. If you have any feedback, requests, corrections, ideas, or any other thoughts about the docs, please let me know!

You can email me at I maintain this site in my spare time, so there might be a week or so delay if you email me.

If you have a more pressing need, reach out to us via Slack, or email Aaron Davis.


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