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Driver Mode 78: Pulse + Hold with Extension Time

This page describes a mode of operation for a driver. See the Working with Drivers section of the FAST Serial Protocol documentation for details about how to use it.

This driver is to control a gate triggered manually or by a switch automatically. While the gate is running the PWM2 cycle, it can be re-triggered by SW to reset the hold time. If retriggered, the timer is reset to Parameter 3. This acts as a watchdog to eventually close the gate if SW stops retriggering it within the period of Parameter 3

like others, just extends PWM2, reather than retriggering the whole thing. It uses the one-shot TL mode to do that.

[DL/DL]:<driver_id>, <trigger>,<switch_id>, <78>, <INITIAL ONTIME>, <INITIAL PWM>, <HOLD TIME x 10mS> , <PWM DURING HOLD><REST_TIME><CR>


  • FAST Driver number, zero based.


  • 0x00 = Disabled

  • 0x01 = Enter Switch True, and Exit Switch True

  • 0x11 = Enter Switch False, and Exit Switch True

  • 0x21 = Enter Switch True, and Exit Switch False

  • 0x31 = Enter Switch False, and Exit Switch False

  • 0xC1 = Virtual Switch True

  • 0x81 = Virtual Switch False


  • FAST Switch number, zero based.


  • 0x78 = Gate with Switch Trigger Driver


  • Amount of time is mS to turn on driver for


  • PWM for Initial driver on-time

<HOLD TIME x 10mS>

  • Time to keep the driver running for the hold time. This value can be reset by re-triggering the driver using the TL:TN command.


  • PWM active during the Hold Time


  • Rest Time in Milliseconds (HEX)

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