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FAST Smart Fuse Block

Part Number: FP-PWR-0001

The FAST Smart Fuse Block is a small board which lets you add four fuses to your pinball machine. It supports two different voltage inputs, each which is split through two fuses. (So you get two fused outputs from each input.) One of the voltages is only enabled by a switch connecting the ENA pin to ground. (If you do not need the switching functionality, just jumper the ENA pin to the ground pin when you're building your wire connector.)

This fuse block is typically used when integrating into an existing project where you already have filtered power available. If you're building a new machine, you most likely want to use the FAST Power Filter Board instead which includes all the functionality of this fuse block and also adds power filtering and switch status reporting which you'll need.


  • Two power lines, each with two fuses, 6x30mm.
  • Voltages can be anything you want.
  • One power line is switched, only enabled when the ENA pin is connected to ground. The other line is always on.
  • An LED under each fuse lights green when in use and active and light red when the fuse is blown.

Allowable voltages

  • The switched voltage can be from 9V - 70V. (This is because the MOSFET that controls the power flow needs 9V to be fully on.)
  • The always on voltage can be anything up to 70V. (Though below 5V the LED will not be as bright, but functionally that's fine.)

Connector wiring

Note that the two input pins for each voltage are tied together, so you can use one pin or both, depending on your machine needs, current, etc.

(See the links at the end of this page to all of our wiring tutorials and guides which include details of how to wire this fuse block into your machine.)

Status LEDs

  • Each fuse has a red and green LED under it so you can see the status of the fuse from a glance. GREEN means the fuse is good. RED means the fuse is blown. The LEDs get their power from the input, so if you only connect power to V1 then fuses 3 and 4 will not light up. Also you need to have a connection to DC ground in order for the fuses to light up.


Connector Housings Needed

  • 7 pin .156" Female Connectors
  • Fuses are 6x30mm

Connector pinouts

J1 PIN Fuse Block Output 7-Pin .156″
V1A Switched Load A (Fuse 1) OUTPUT
V1A Switched Load A (Fuse 1) OUTPUT
V1B Switched Load B (Fuse 2) OUTPUT
V1B Switched Load B (Fuse 2) OUTPUT
\/ KEY N/A
V2A Direct Load A (Fuse 3) OUTPUT
V2B Direct Load B (Fuse 4) OUTPUT
J2 PIN Fuse Block Input 7-Pin .156″
ENA Enable Switch Input INPUT
GND DC Power Ground INPUT
\/ KEY N/A
V1 Direct Voltage 1 INPUT
V1 Direct Voltage 1 INPUT
V2 Switched Voltage 2 INPUT
V2 Switched Voltage 2 INPUT
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