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MPF config file reference: FAST Pinball flippers

MPF 0.57 Configuration Reference for FAST Pinball Hardware

This page is parrt of the reference material for users of the Mission Pinball Framework and FAST Pinball hardware. If you're new to MPF and FAST, read the MPF + FAST overview first. If you are a programmer writing your own software, see our Developer's Reference Guide.

Note that this guide only applies to MPF 0.57. If you're using MPF 0.56 or older, then the FAST Pinball configuration section of the Mission Pinball website has everything you need.

This guide explains how to configure flippers in MPF when using FAST Pinball hardware.

Most everything you need to know is in the flippers section of the MPF website, so this guide just walks through some FAST Pinball-specific examples.

Read the autofire guide first

If you haven't read the FAST MPF config reference for autofire devices, do that now. Flippers are autofire devices too (albeit more complicated), but all the core concepts you need, including how to dial in debounce versus recycle times and how to configure device-specific overrides is covered there.

Configuring flippers in MPF

The example below shows you how to configure dual-wound flippers since we do not recommend single wound. (Details about single- versus dual-wound are covered in our flipper wiring guide.)

FAST flipper configuration in MPF 0.57
# config_version=6

        number: cab-8
        number: cab-9
        number: io3208-2
        number: io3208-22

        number: io1616-1
        default_pulse_ms: 10
        number: io1616-2
        allow_enable: true
        number: io1616-3
        default_pulse_ms: 10
        number: io1616-4
        allow_enable: true

        main_coil: c_left_flipper_main
        hold_coil: c_left_flipper_hold
        activation_switch: s_left_flipper
        eos_switch: s_left_flipper_eos
        use_eos: true
        main_coil: c_right_flipper_main
        hold_coil: c_right_flipper_hold
        activation_switch: s_right_flipper
        eos_switch: s_right_flipper_eos
        use_eos: true

There's nothing more to really say about the above config. Pretty straightforward. See the flippers section of the MPF website for details.

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