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FAST RGB Playfield Insert LEDs

Part Number: FP-LED-0001

FAST RGB Playfield Insert LEDs use the popular WS2812 RGB LEDs. They are soldered to a small white PCBs which are ideal for directly mounting to your playfield for insert lighting.

There are holes for 0.100" headers you can solder on if you're using wires with connectors, or you can solder your wires directly to large pads on the PCD itself.

Here's the data sheet (PDF) for the WS2812 LED.


  • 5 volts
  • Each LED has three elements: red, green, and blue, with 256 levels of brightness for 16.7M total colors.
  • LEDs are daisy-chained together.

Mechanical Diagram

Dimensions are in mm

LED Wiring

We have a guide to LED wiring which is part of our larger series on wiring your pinball machine.

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