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Part Number Index

Here’s a listing of every part number from all FAST Pinball products, 2014 through today. Product numbers are linked to their product documentation pages, which contain instructions, diagrams, pinouts, etc. Any product not linked was not widely released, but included here for completeness.

Note that part numbers typically start with “FP-” and are located somewhere on the board.

The last digit represents the "revision" number of a board. All boards are functionally identical between revisions.

Products by part number

Click on a part number to go to the docs for that product.

Part Number Description
FP-AUD-0100-3 Audio Interface Board
FP-AUX-001-2 Trough IR Emitter
FP-AUX-002-2 Trough IR Detector
FP-AUX-0001-3 Trough IR Emitter
FP-AUX-0002-3 Trough IR Detector
FP-AUX-008-1 Opto Switch Board
FP-AUX-040-1 4-Channel Opto Emitter
FP-CPU-001-1 WPC / WPC-S controller (RETIRED)
FP-CPU-002-2 Core Controller (RETIRED)
FP-CPU-003-1 Nano Controller
FP-CPU-003-2 Nano Controller
FP-CPU-1060-6 Platform CPU Controller
FP-CPU-2000-5 Neuron Controller
FP-EXP-0201-1 201 Expansion Board
FP-I/O-0804-1 0804 I/O Board
FP-I/O-0804-3 0804 I/O Board
FP-I/O-1616-2 1616 I/O Board
FP-I/O-3208-2 3208 I/O Board
FP-I/O-3208-2B 3208 I/O Board
FP-LED-0001-1 RGB LED Insert
FP-PFI-0011-1 System 11 Controller
FP-PFI-0089-1 WPC-89 Controller
FP-PFI-0095-1 WPC-95 Controller
FP-PWR-0001-3 Smart Fuse Block
FP-PWR-005-2 Power Filter Board
FP-SBI-0095-5 Legacy I/O Controller
FP-USB-0004-0 USB Serial Interface

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