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Game software for your FAST Pinball Modern Platform machine

Coming soon!

This section of the documentation is not yet complete and will be coming soon. However, if you need this now, and/or you want to share what documentation is most important to you, please post to the #docs channel in the FAST Pinball Slack community. Thanks!

At FAST Pinball, we make the hardware you need to build, modernize, or update a pinball machine.

FAST Pinball hardware does not require any software or drivers to run. You simply connect a USB cable from your FAST Pinball controller to your computer, and then a few virtual serial ports show up. No drivers or libraries or software wrappers are needed!

You can even open a serial terminal window to start sending commands and reading switches interactively!

When it comes to writing your actual game software, a lot of people choose to use the Mission Pinball Framework (MPF), which is free and open source. MPF added support for FAST Pinball controllers back in 2014, and at we at FAST Pinball actively maintain and support the FAST Pinball hardware platform code that's part of the MPF project.

You don't have to use MPF if you don't want to. We're just as happy for you to use whatever you want. Some people write all their own software, which you can do too, using any language or platform.

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