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Driver Mode 18: Pulse + Hold

This page describes a mode of operation for a driver. See the Working with Drivers section of the FAST Serial Protocol documentation for details about how to use it.

Enables and holds a driver in the “on” state as long as the trigger is active. When the trigger is deactivated, the driver will turn off. An initial PWM value and pulse time can be configured before the long-term hold PWM value. A rest time can be configured to prevent the driver from being re-activated too quickly.

This is useful for the hold winding of a dual-wound flipper, (using a value of 0ms for the initial pulse), or for a single-wound flipper (using a full power value for the initial timed pulse and then a lower PWM hold value.))



FAST driver number, in hex.


  • 00 Disabled
  • 01 Switch True
  • 11 Switch False
  • C1 Virtual Switch True
  • 81 Virtual Switch False


FAST switch number, in hex


18 = Latched


Initial pulse time in milliseconds (hex)


PWM power of the initial pulse time. See the pwm byte sequence table at the bottom of this page for details.


The PWM power used to hold this driver on after the initial pulse time expires. The driver is held in this state at this power level until the activation switch is deactivated or some other trigger or reconfiguration changes it.


Time in milliseconds (hex) that the driver will not be able to be activated again once it's deactivated. Once this time is up, the process is "reset" and the driver can be activated again. If the activation switch is already active when the rest time expires, the driver will activate again immediately.

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