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TS: Trigger EXP Show: FAST Serial Protocol Reference, EXP Port

This command was added in firmware version 0.10

This feature is not yet released

This documentation is for a feature that is not yet released. Details and features may change.

The TS: command is used to trigger (start) an EXP show which has previously been defined and loaded onto an expansion board via the ES: command

Once a show is triggered, it will run until it hits the end of show command. (A period.) The ability to stop a show manually will be added soon.

When you trigger a show, you also pass in the block number which contains the LEDs that show should apply to. This allows you to run multiple shows (or multiple instances of the same show) on different blocks simultaneously.

Command syntax



The hex number (0-1F) of the show you want to run.


The block that contains the LEDs you want this show to apply to, in hex. (0-F)


Not yet implemented. Just use 0 for now.


Optional setting (in EXP show format) used to pass starting values for local variables (_1 through _8) in the show. The the EXP show documentation for more information.


  • TS:P The show was triggered successfully and is now running.
  • TS:F The show failed to start.


Trigger show 0 on block 4:


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