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ES: Write EXP show to user memory: FAST Serial Protocol Reference, EXP Port

This command was added in firmware version 0.10

This feature is not yet released

This documentation is for a feature that is not yet released. Details and features may change.

The ES: command is used to define an EXP show and save it into the RAM of the expansion board, where it can be triggered later. User shows are plain ASCII text and limited to 255 characters. User shows are not persistent and will be lost when the board is reset or powered off.

Command syntax



The hex number, 0-1F (0-31) of the show you're saving to the board. This ID number is how you'll trigger the show later. If you try to save a show to an ID that already exists, the existing show will be overwritten.


The ASCII text of the show commands, up to 255 characters. A period . is used to indicate the end of a show.

See the EXP show scripting guide for details and examples of the show commands.


  • ES:P if the show was saved successfully
  • ES:F if the show was not saved successfully



This example saves a show to show ID 0. This particular show script is (*)_b=40L1+W40-W40J1. which, when triggered with a list of LEDs, will blink alternately turn those LEDs blue at 25% brightness and then off every 2 seconds. (What? How do you get that behavior from that script? See the EXP show scripting guide for details on the show commands.)

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