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RF: Set default LED fade rate, EXP Bus Protocol Reference

Understanding EXP board addressing

This command is used with FAST Expansion and FAST breakout boards via a FAST Serial Protocol (FSP) connection to the EXP Bus. Please read the EXP Overview to understand the operation of these commands and addresses.

The RF: command lets you specify the default fade rate for LEDs in milliseconds. This command is addressed to an expansion board and will set the fade rate for all LEDs attached to all breakouts on that board. This command is commonly used to make LEDs feel more like incandescents with a "soft fade" between on and off or various colors.

Note that a future update to this command will also allow it to be addressed to individual breakout boards.


<RATE> is the hex fade rate in milliseconds, from 0 - 1FFF. (0 to 8191ms, essentially any value between 0 and 8 seconds.)

(This duration is FF times the internal tick rate of 32ms)

Return Response


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