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Displays in the FAST Modern Platform

Coming soon!

This section of the documentation is not yet complete and will be coming soon. However, if you need this now, and/or you want to share what documentation is most important to you, please post to the #docs channel in the FAST Pinball Slack community. Thanks!

This page still needs to be written, but here's the quick overview:

There are several display options for a modern pinball machine. The most common is to use an LCD display. This will just be the normal display from your computer, connected via HDMI. If you want a smaller secondary screen somewhere, like on the playfield, or the apron, etc., that’s just a second LCD display connected via HDMI.

If you want a true DMD, they are LED now, and RGB. FAST makes one which connects to your host computer (the computer in your pinball machine running the game software). The host computer sends dot data to the DMD via USB.

If you want 7-segment score displays, you can either simulate those on an LCD screen, or, use FAST Pinball's modern RGB 7-segment LED displays. (We offer them in 7- and 6-digit configurations, most commonly used in early 80s machines.)

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