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FAST Pinball Technical Documentation

Premium docs for the world's premium pinball platform!

Welcome to the home of FAST Pinball documentation. We help you make pinball machines. Like, real pinball machines, the big physical mechanical ones! It's rad and super fun! Dive into our documentation, tutorials, and learning materials below.

  • FAST Pinball Platforms

    For new machines: FAST Modern Platform

    For classic machines: FAST Retro Platform

    Mods for all: FAST Expansion Bus

  • Product Manuals

    Guides for every FAST Pinball product, including features, technical diagrams, wiring hook-up guides, and full specs.

    See our products

  • Tutorials & Learning Guides

    Step-by-step tutorials for beginners, best practices guides, and written and video instructions which show you how to do lots of things with FAST Pinball hardware.

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  • Wiring Guides

    Complete tutorials on wiring, hook-ups, best practices, and a step-by-step guide to wiring your FAST Pinball products.

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  • Neuron Unboxing & First Steps

    Even if you haven't placed your order yet, you can watch this video to see what your first steps will be once you get your starter bundle

    Get ready

  • Mission Pinball Framework

    Many FAST Pinball makers choose to write their pinball game code using the Mission Pinball Framework (MPF). It's free and open source!

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  • Skill Building

    Brush up on the basics as you prepare to dive in to your pinball project!

    Brush up

  • Pinball Cookbook

    Recipes which show you how to build pinball!

    Playfield lower third wiring

  • Programming Guides

    If you want to write your own game software or framework, or program for FAST Pinball hardware directly, we have a series of guides and examples for you.

    Start coding

  • FAST Serial Protocol

    Your computer communicates with FAST Pinball boards via virtual serial ports over USB. If you want to program to the boards directly, this reference is for you. No drivers needed!


  • Videos

    There are tons of great videos from members of the FAST Pinball community which teach you how to build a pinball machine. Check out our favorites!

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