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FAST Retro Platform for Bally/Williams System 11 machines

This information is preliminary

FAST Retro Platform components are not yet available directly as we focus on our game studio partners releasing commercial conversion kits and new game experiences based on this platform. We will release Retro platform controllers for direct sale in the future.

The FAST Retro Platform Controller for Bally/Williams System 11 machines lets you modernize System 11 through 11c machines. This controller is currently available to commercial partners developing conversion kits for System 11 machines.

In the future, this controller will be made available to the general public for use as a "drop-in" replacement for existing System 11 machines, enabling new code, smart mods, and other enhanced functionality. (If you want to be notified of progress and availability here, subscribe to our FAST Friends newsletter via the box at the bottom left of this page.)

The FAST Serial Protocol has special commands for working with retro machines, including the A/C Select Relay in System 11 machines. See the FAST Serial Protocol retro controller documentation for details.

Here's an image of the FAST System 11 Platform controller. (Click to zoom in)

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