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BR: Board Reset, EXP Processor Protocol Reference

Understanding EXP board addressing

This command is used with FAST Expansion and FAST breakout boards via a FAST Serial Protocol (FSP) connection to the EXP Bus. Please read the EXP Overview to understand the operation of these commands and addresses.

The BR: command is used to reset all devices on all breakout boards on an expansion board. The exact reset behavior depends on the device type:

  • LEDs: Turn Off (color 000000)
  • Servos: Return to "home" position and power off

The BR: command responds with a BR:P if the address was valid and the command was processed. If you use an address that is not active on your EXP Bus, then there will be no response.

If you're wondering why there isn't a BR:F response if the address isn't valid, it's because each expansion board will only respond to commands addressed to it. If a board sees a command addressed for another board, it ignores it. This means if the address is not valid, no board will respond to it, hence no "fail" response.

Note that the BR: command is only valid for expansion boards (two-character addresses), not individual breakout boards with 3-character addresses. However the BR: command has the effect of resetting every device on all of the breakout boards connected to the addressed expansion board.

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