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CN: Configured Nodes (get connected I/O board details)

FAST Serial Protocol: Overview & First Steps

This documentation section is about the FAST Serial Protocol (FSP) commands, which are the low-level commands a host computer sends to a FAST board. Most FAST Pinball makers do not need to know about these details, since the pinball game framework (such as the Mission Pinball Framework) handles this communication for you.

If you're writing your own game framework, we have a series of programming guides. Also, be sure to read the overview of how FSP works and how to connect first.

The CN command returns the current node (I/O Board) configurations for the FAST hardware.



Node  Name           Ver   SW DR XI XO Node Serial Number
NN:00 FP-I/O-3208-2  00.85 20 08 00 00 02946D90514C505136202020FF0E371D
NN:01 FP-I/O-3208-2  00.85 20 08 00 00 A6E616CE514C505136202020FF0E141D
  • Node: The I/O board ID, starting with 0, in order they are connected in the FAST I/O Loop
  • Name: The I/O board product number
  • Ver: Firmware version on the I/O board
  • SW: The number of switch inputs are on this I/O board (in hex, so "20" is 32 switches)
  • DR: The number of driver outputs on this I/O board (in nex)
  • XI: The number of extra data bytes being read from a daughterboard installed on that I/O board. (Nano Controller I/O Loops only)
  • XO: The number of extra data bytes you can send to a daughterboard.
  • Node Serial Number: The serial number of that I/O board (Nano Controller I/O Loops only)

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