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FAST Opto Switch Board (Retired)

Product Number: FP-AUX-008-1

This product is retired

This product is retired. It's been replaced with the 4-channel opto emitter which provides much more flexibility.

The FAST Opto Switch Board provides away to integrate up to 8 opto switches with a FAST I/O board. This board sits between a standard 8-switch input header on a FAST I/O board to essentialy "convert" those inputs to opto inputs. This board provides a header to power the 8 IR emitters as well as a header for the 8 IR detectors.

It contains a header which plugs into the standard 8-switch header from a FAST I/O board (plus 12-volt power), and it has a header to power the 8 IR LEDs for the opto senders, as well as 8 inputs for the opto receivers.

Mechanical Diagram

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