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Organizing and laying out your cabinet when using the FAST Modern Platform

Coming soon!

This section of the documentation is not yet complete and will be coming soon. However, if you need this now, and/or you want to share what documentation is most important to you, please post to the #docs channel in the FAST Pinball Slack community. Thanks!

The control boards in a FAST Modern pinball machine are laid out differently than pinball machines from the 1990s.

In a FAST Modern pinball machine, the host PC, Neuron Controller, power supplies, power filter board, and audio interface all go in the backbox. Individual FAST I/O Boards (node boards) which control switches and drivers are placed in multiple locations under the playfield and in the cabinet. Expansion boards (which drive LEDs, servos, steppers, etc.) are also placed throughout the machine.


This modern approach to pinball machine board layout ensures that wire runs are short, and allows the system to grow and be adapted to each machine as needed.

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