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Troubleshooting FAST Pinball programming

When you're first learning how to program and control your FAST hardware, you might find that things don't work as expected. Here are the most common problems, along with our steps to solving them.

A driver doesn't fire

  • Does the power filter board have 48V power?
  • Did you use the CH: command to configure the hardware?
  • Did you set the watchdog, and is it not expired? (e.g. is the blanking LED off?)
  • Is your wiring accurate? Do you have 48V at your blue wire?
  • Is the driver diode installed the proper direction? (Diode stripe on the 48V side?)
  • Is the fuse good?
  • Is the coin door closed?

Lights don't turn on

  • Did you set the expansion board / breakout board address, either by embedding it in the command or using the EA: command to set the active board?
  • Is the fuse good? Does the expansion board have 12V at its power header?
  • When you send an ID: command, do you get back the ID of the expected board?
  • Did you overload the board by trying to turn on too many LEDs too bright all at once? (e.g. a command like RA:ffffff to turn on all LEDs full white will certainly draw more power than the board can handle and brown out the processor.)

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