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FAST RGB General Illumination (GI) LEDs

Part Number: FP-LED-0002

FAST RGB General Illumination (GI) LEDs use 10mm dome-style LEDs which protrude through the playfield for GI use. These are based on the popular WS2812 RGB LEDs. They are soldered to a small white PCBs which are ideal for directly mounting to your playfield with the LED sticking through.

Since these boards use WS2812 LEDs, they are functionally and electrically identical to our playfield insert LEDs. You can freely mix-and-match both types in a single LED chain, and as you're wiring your LEDs, you do not need to differentiate between the types.


  • 5 volts
  • Each LED has three elements: red, green, and blue, with 256 levels of brightness for 16.7M total colors.
  • LEDs are daisy-chained together.
  • Sold in parts (which you assemble yourself), or fully assembled. Obviously they're cheaper if you do the soldering.

Color channel order

The FAST GI LEDs use "GRB" serial data ordering, which means the order of the color data they receive over serial is green-red-blue, versus the more common "RGB" order. This just means that you'll have to set the color order in your software to GRB instead of RGB. (For example, if you're using MPF, you would add type: grb to your LED config.)

Mechanical Diagram

Coming soon

LED Wiring

We have a guide to LED wiring which is part of our larger series on wiring your pinball machine.

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