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Driver Mode 70: Long Pulse

This page describes a mode of operation for a driver. See the Working with Drivers section of the FAST Serial Protocol documentation for details about how to use it.

Pulse/PWM the driver for an initial time, then switch to an extended timed pulse/PWM (up to 25 seconds).



  • FAST Driver number, zero based.


  • 0x00 = Disabled

  • 0x01 = Switch True

  • 0x11 = Switch False

  • 0xC1 = Virtual Switch True

  • 0x81 = Virtual Switch False


  • FAST Switch number, zero based.


  • 0x70 = Diverter


  • PWM1 On-Time in Milliseconds (HEX)


See PWM Byte Sequence Table


  • PWM2 On-Time X 100 in Milliseconds (HEX)


See PWM Byte Sequence Table


  • Rest Time in Milliseconds (HEX)

Auto Triggered Diverter Comments

  • //[DL/DN]:,<75>,,,,,,

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