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How to wire stepper motors in a FAST Neuron-controlled pinball machine

Wiring, high voltage, and electricity can be dangerous. Read this first!

The voltages and electricity discussed here can be dangerous and could cause property loss or death. It is your responsibility to ensure you are aware of these risks and comfortable with these processes. Furthermore your local jurisdiction may have regulations or rules which differ from what we discuss here, including wiring colors, standards, techniques, etc. Although based on broadly adopted methods, FAST Pinball does not employ Professional Engineers and this information is not professional recommendations. There may be errors, omissions, or typos here. Any pinball machine available to the general public should be reviewed by a licensed Professional Engineer in your region. Use this content at your own risk.

Coming soon!

This section of the documentation is not yet complete and will be coming soon. However, if you need this now, and/or you want to share what documentation is most important to you, please post to the #docs channel in the FAST Pinball Slack community. Thanks!

Since we are just now in the process of creating the wiring guides for the recently-released FAST Neuron Controller, this guide is not yet complete.

But here's our brain-dump / notes of what will be included in this document, as well as some high level thoughts about it.

  • These are connected to breakouts which are connected to expansion boards

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