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FAST Playfield Interchange Board

Part Number: FP-PWR-0030

This product is not yet released

This documentation is for a product that is not yet released. Final details may change.

The FAST Playfield Interchange Board mounts to the rear of your playfield and provides a distribution point for playfield power and data connections, as well as a convenient location to quickly disconnect your playfield to completely remove it from your machine.

Input connections from backbox

  • Main power trunk. (This header matches J12 on the Smart Power Filter Board)
  • I/O Loop (2 cables, in and out, from the Neuron)
  • Expansion Bus (from the Neuron)

Output connections for playfield devices

  • (4) 48V outputs for drivers. 3 are the "H1" fused 48V line and 1 is the "H2" fused line
  • (3) 12V high current outputs, for expansion boards (LEDs and servos) and other 12V devices
  • (4) 12V low-current fused outputs for opto emitter LEDs


  • Quickly disconnect and remove the playfield from the machine. Just unplug 4 cables.
  • Build your playfield not in your cabinet.
  • No need for separate power distribution blocks.
  • Helps ensure proper wiring and best practices are followed.
  • Easily swap playfields between cabinets.

Connectors Housings Needed

Qty Pins Size Description
1 9-pin 0.156" 48V/12V power in
4 4-pin 0.156" 48V/12V power out
3 3-pin 0.156" 12V high current out
4 3-pin 0.100" 12V low current out


  • 12V low current outputs (0.100") support 2.5A combined total. 22 gauge wire is the minimal recommendation.
  • 2.5A self-resetting fuse (soldered to the board) protects the 12V low current outputs. Fuse is Bourns MF-MSMF250/16X or equivalent. (Data sheet)
  • 0.156" headers support 7A per pin. 18 gauge wire or larger is recommended.

Mechanical Diagram

Dimensions are in mm

Wiring Guides

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