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FAST Playfield Interchange Board

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Part Number: FP-PWR-0030-1

This product is not yet released

This documentation is for a product that is not yet released. Final details may change.

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The FAST Playfield Interchange Board is a small board designed to be mounted to the back of your playfield. It contains headers and sockets for the various Cat-5 and power cables your playfield needs.

This board provides a distribution point for 12-volt power, with several high current and low current 12V headers you can run your power lines back to. It also provides a distribution point for your 48 volts and its related toxic ground.

This board also allows the playfield to be quickly removed from the machine simply by unplugging three Cat-5 cables (Loop Network In, Loop Network Out, Expansion Bus) as well as a single power connector from the filter board.

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