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Driver Mode 30: Delayed Pulse

This page describes a mode of operation for a driver. See the Working with Drivers section of the FAST Serial Protocol documentation for details about how to use it.

Mode 30 is used when you want a delay between the time the switch is activated and the driver is fired. The switch must fully debounce, but does not have to stay active the entire time.

This delayed drive is good for things like kickbacks where you need a add some time between when the ball hits the outlane switch and the kickback coil is fired.

The value for the delay time is per 10ms, so a value of 5 is a 50ms delay.



  • FAST Driver number, zero based.


  • 0x00 = Disabled

  • 0x01 = Switch True

  • 0x11 = Switch False

  • 0xC1 = Virtual Switch True

  • 0x81 = Virtual Switch False


  • FAST Switch number, zero based.


  • 0x30 = Delayed


  • Driver Delay Time in HEX x 10mS


  • Driver On-Time at Full Power in Milliseconds (HEX)


  • PWM1 On-Time in Milliseconds (HEX)


See PWM Byte Sequence Table


  • Rest Time in Milliseconds (HEX)

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