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FAST Pinball: Premium Pinball Machine Control

We are FAST Pinball! We make premium electronics that let you make pinball machines, whether you're a home hobbyist, an indie game studio, or a commercial pinball manufacturer. We enable you to build a new machine from scratch, update the code and game play on an existing machine, or "retheme" and old machine into your dream theme. Dive in and see why the FAST Pinball platform is the most performant, reliable, and well-designed pinball control system in the world. (We also have the #bestdocs too!)


PinDevCon NWPAS 2024 is coming up!

We held the first ever PinDevCon event at the Northwest Pinball & Arcade show in Tacoma, Wash. last year. The next one will be at the NWPAS show this year from June 7th-9th, 2024.

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Recorded Talks from PinDevCon NWPAS 2023


The FAST Pinball Neuron Controller

The Neuron Controller is the heart of the FAST Modern Pinball Platform. Designed to work seamlessly with our existing I/O boards and new expansion boards, the Neuron provides integrated machine control, smart power system monitoring, and plenty of expandability to power the world's most demanding pinball projects. Experience its unparalleled performance and reliability, all wrapped in an easy-to-use package, complete with comprehensive documentation and a supportive community, and see why the Neuron is loved by both homebrew and commercial pinball makers around the world!



    Complete tutorials on wiring, hook-ups, best practices, and a step-by-step guide to wiring your FAST Pinball Neuron-controlled machine.

    Learn about pinball wiring


    So you just ordered a FAST Neuron starter bundle? Now what? This guide provides a tour of the Neuron Controller and walks you through connecting to it from your computer.

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Our Pinball Platforms

  • FAST Modern Platform

    FAST Pinball's modern platform leverages the latest technology for use in brand-new pinball machines.

    FAST Modern Platform

  • FAST Retro Platform

    A modern approach to classic machines, the FAST Retro platform lets you expand and modernize classic System 11, WPC-89, and WPC-95 pinball machines.

    FAST Retro Platform

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Explore our Documentation

  • Tutorials & Learning Guides

    Step-by-step tutorials for beginners, best practices guides, and written and video instructions which show you how to do lots of things with FAST Pinball hardware.

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  • Product Manuals

    Guides for every FAST Pinball product, including features, technical diagrams, wiring hook-up guides, and full specs.

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  • FAST Serial Protocol

    Your computer communicates with FAST Pinball boards via virtual serial ports over USB. If you want to program to the boards directly, this reference is for you. No drivers needed!


  • Wiring Guides

    Complete tutorials on wiring, hook-ups, best practices, and a step-by-step guide to wiring your FAST Pinball products.

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See all our documentation at

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  • Videos

    There are tons of great videos from members of the FAST Pinball community which teach you how to build a pinball machine, and more are being created all the time.

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    The FAST Pinball blog is the only blog dedicated to building pinball machines, whether you're a homebrew building something in your garage with friends, an aspiring indie game designer, or a commercial pinball manufacturer.

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  • Events & Talks

    We go to several of the major pinball shows each year, and all of our talks are recorded. Find us at a future show, or watch a video of one of our recent talks!

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    The FAST Friends newsletter is our email newsletter with details about the latest at FAST Pinball and the larger FAST maker community.