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FAST Pinball 201 Expansion Board

Part Number: FP-EXP-0201-x

This product is not yet released

This documentation is for a product that is not yet released. Final details may change.

The FAST Pinball 201 Expansion board lets you connect RGB LEDs and additional breakouts for servos, steppers, even more LEDs, motors, etc. to your pinball machine. It is used in the FAST Modern platform (controlled by a FAST Nano or FAST Neuron controller) to add additional functionality to your new pinball machine. It can also be used with the FAST Retro platform (controlled by a FAST Retro controller for an existing pinball machine) to add new and interactive mods or expansions to classic machines.


  • Two Expansion Bus ports provide flexibility to daisy chain / branch out as needed.
  • 12V power input provides power to the board.
  • Two 12V power outputs for sending power to breakout boards, other expansion boards, or other nearby devices that need power.
  • 4 RGB LED ports can drive up to 32 RGB LEDs each. LEDs can be WS2812 or APA102 types. Mix and matching between the ports is ok. (Each port can only support a single type since the wiring is different for each.)
  • 3 breakout ports for connecting to breakout boards to add additional expansion functionality, such as more LEDs, flashers, servos, steppers, other drivers, etc.
  • Note that the USB port is not used on this board and is only stuffed on the board in the photo for testing purposes. All communication to this expansion board is via the expansion bus. The host computer communicates via the controller board, not this expansion board.

The FAST Expansion Bus

The FAST Pinball Expansion Bus is a new & modern platform for building interactive mods and adding capabilities to pinball machines. Every current FAST Pinball controller supports the FAST Expansion Bus, including the Neuron and Nano Controllers (for newly-built machines), as well as our FAST Retro Controllers for classic Williams / Bally machines (System 11, WPC-89, and WPC-95).

Individual Expansion Boards are connected to the FAST Platform Controller via RJ-45 cables. Many boards have multiple ports to allow for daisy chaining and "fanning out" topologies. (The Expansion Bus is NOT a loop network, so the cables do not need to be connected in a loop.)

Expansions boards have various features and capabilities built-in, but they can also be extended via breakout boards which plug into breakout headers. Breakout boards add additional functionality to the expansion board, such as additional LEDs, flashers, servos, steppers, other drivers, etc.

Breakout boards can also be built in custom form factors. For example, machine-specific playfield LED boards could be built with the FAST Breakout Connectors to plug directly into a FAST Expansion board.

Here's a conceptual diagram of the FAST Expansion Bus:

FAST Expansion Bus diagram

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