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Mode 80: Dither 32-bit (low current lamp driver/flasher/etc)

This page describes a mode of operation for a driver. See the Working with Drivers section of the FAST Serial Protocol documentation for details about how to use it.

[DL/DL]:<DRIVER_ID>,<**TRIGGER**>,<SWITCH_ID>,<80>,<32bit value MSByte>,<32bit value byte 2>,<32bit value byte 3>,<32bit value byte LSByte>,<Driver On TimeX10mS><CR>


  • FAST Driver number, zero based.


  • 0x00 = Disabled

  • 0x01 = Enter Switch True, and Exit Switch True

  • 0x11 = Enter Switch False, and Exit Switch True

  • 0x21 = Enter Switch True, and Exit Switch False

  • 0x31 = Enter Switch False, and Exit Switch False

  • 0xC1 = Virtual Switch True

  • 0x81 = Virtual Switch False


  • FAST Switch number, zero based.


  • 0x80 = Dither


  • 32 bit Value byte 1 (MSB)


  • 32 bit Value byte 2


  • 32 bit Value byte 3


  • 32 bit Value byte 4 (LSB)


  • On-Time X 100 Milliseconds (HEX)

New Command used in Conjunction with DL/DL command. (Manual Event local/ Manual Event Network. This command modifies the TRIGGER field without affecting bits 4 and 5 (used for auto switch modes). When bit 7 is set of TRIGGER_TYPE field, Switch modes are ignored (indicates Manual mode is enabled)po

"Trigger Modifier"


where CONTROL= :

0 = Auto (Remove Manual Mode, clears upper two bits of CONTROL value)

1 = Manual one shot (only sets bit 3 of CONTROL value, no other bits modified)

2 = Manual OFF (Sets bit 7 of CONTROL value, and clears bit 6)

3 = Manual ON (Sets bit 6 and 7 of CONTROL value)

This needs to be fixed in code

Actual bits used by the driver. some bits are dangerous to modify, thats why TL/TN commands will not allow these combinations to occur. 

#define CONTROL_DRIVER_ENABLED       (1 << 0)
#define CONTROL_DRIVER_ONESHOT       (1 << 3)
#define CONTROL_DRIVER_SW1_INVERT      (1 << 4)
#define CONTROL_DRIVER_SW2_INVERT      (1 << 5)
#define CONTROL_DRIVER_MAN_ON        (1 << 6)
#define CONTROL_DRIVER_MAN_OVERRIDE     (1 << 7)

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