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You're doing it! 🎉

So, you just got a FAST Pinball Starter Bundle. Fun!! Here are some things to get you started.

By the way, hello, I'm Brian, the guy who writes our documentation. I have the pleasure of working every day with Aaron, Dave, and Eli here at FAST Pinball, and we're excited to see what cool projects you bring into the world!

Making pinball is a team exercise! If we could give one piece of advice for how you can be most successful with your project, it would be to join the FAST Pinball Slack community. (Slack is a community messaging app / website we use to power the online FAST user community. The group is very active (over 100 people) with specific chat channels where people discuss hardware, software, game design, 3D printing, MPF, wiring, etc. Our Slack community is only available to FAST users, so if you haven't joined yet, reach out to me (Brian!), and I'll get you added!

What's in your starter bundle?

Here are links to the product pages with details of the actual boards and components in your starter bundle:

Now what?

Other FAST Modern Platform products compatible with the Neuron

Getting started with Slack