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How to update your MPF config files for MPF 0.56.1

The FAST Pinball interface for MPF is being completely rewritten for MPF 0.56.1. This guide will help you update your config files to work with the new interface.

fast: section

The fast: section is almost completely rewritten. Luckily it's a simple section and you can just manually make all the changes in a few minutes.

Basically instead of all these random settings under the single fast: section, there are now subsections for each port type. So you'll have subsections for net:, dmd:, rgb:, etc. Then, all of the settings for that port type are under that subsection. (e.g. watchdog setting is now net:, the LED update settings are in the rgb: section, etc.)

I/O boards now have names

In prior versions of MPF, switch and driver numbers were based on the I/O board number order in the loop. This was confusing, and also meant that if the loop network wiring changed, all the device numbers would change too.

So now, in your MPF config, each I/O board has a name. This name is used in the config file to identify the board. The name is also used in the device numbers which makes doing your initial config easier. (e.g. "3208 board, switch 1." Easy!)

This is configured in the fast: net: io_loop: section of your config.

Switches and coil numbers now use the I/O board names

In prior versions of MPF, switch and driver numbers were in the form of <board_position_in_loop>-number. So if you had a 3208 board in the 2nd position in the loop, and a switch on that board, the switch number would be 1-1. (Yeah, the first board was 0, and it was confusing.)

The new way:

If you have an I/O board named cab and a switch on that board, the switch number would be the actual switch number from the board. So if the switch is switch 3 on the board, the switch number would be cab-3. Driver 7 connected to an I/O board named 1616 would be 1616-7.

So really the only change to your config is to add the I/O board names to your fast: section, and then find and replace the 0- with the name of your first board (e.g. cab-), the 1- with the name of your second board (e.g. 1616-), etc. Should only take a few minutes.

Documentation Feedback? Requests? Confused?

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