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QN: Driver Test Mode (Nano)

FAST Serial Protocol: Overview & First Steps

This documentation section is about the FAST Serial Protocol (FSP) commands, which are the low-level commands a host computer sends to a FAST board. Most FAST Pinball makers do not need to know about these details, since the pinball game framework (such as the Mission Pinball Framework) handles this communication for you.

If you're writing your own game framework, read the overview of how FSP works and how to connect first.

The QN: mode lets you step through your drivers one-by-one while observing the FAST driver ID number. This test pulses the driver for 15 ms at 50% PWM duty cycle, so first ensure your drivers can handle that duration and power.

This command is valid on the FAST Nano Controller only!

If you're using a FAST Neuron or Retro controller, this test command is QL: instead of QN:. Everything else is the same though.

This is an interactive command designed to be used via a terminal emulator.

Command Syntax


To use this command, you do NOT type Enter after the colon. Just type QN: and then use the Q, W, or Space to control the tests. Hit Enter to exit the test mode.


  • Q = Increase Driver Number
  • W = Decrease Driver Number
  • Space = Pulse the same driver again.

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