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FAST Friends Newsletter: April 2022

Hello FAST Friends!

March was a busy month for us, culminating with Aaron and me (Brian) attending Texas Pinball Festival 2022 from March 25-27. We had a talk and several big announcements which make up the bulk of what we'll cover in this month's newsletter.

The highlight of our month was attending TPF 2022 and giving our talk called "Indie Pinball Developers: Inquire Within". You can watch the replay video of our talk on Twitch via this link. (The full talk is about 50 minutes long.)

FAST Friends Newsletter: March 2022

Hello FAST Friends! Welcome to the first FAST Friends newsletter, a new monthly-ish thing we're trying out at FAST Pinball.

By the way, hello! My name is Brian Madden, and I'm the newest member of FAST Pinball. (I've been in the homebrew pinball space for awhile, I was actually the original creator of the Mission Pinball Framework back in 2014.) I just shared my complete story on LinkedIn, but the short version is I just left my career in the tech industry to join FAST as an actual, full time employee! (I'm focusing on writing technical documentation and product management, among other things.)

Aaron and Dave started FAST Pinball in 2014. Eli joined them a few years ago, and now with me joining, we are giving pinball our full attention! Many of you have probably talked with Aaron, Dave, and Eli about all the cool ideas for things we can build for the pinball industry. Now we're shifting into high gear to make them happen!