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FAST Friends Newsletter: March 2022

Hello FAST Friends! Welcome to the first FAST Friends newsletter, a new monthly-ish thing we're trying out at FAST Pinball.

By the way, hello! My name is Brian Madden, and I'm the newest employee at FAST Pinball. (I've been in the homebrew pinball space for awhile, I was actually the original creator of the Mission Pinball Framework back in 2014.) I just shared my complete story on LinkedIn, but the short version is I just left my career in the tech industry to join FAST as an actual, full time employee! (I'm focusing on writing technical documentation and product management, among other things.)

Aaron and Dave started FAST Pinball in 2014. Eli joined them a few years ago, and now with me joining, we are giving pinball our full attention! Many of you have probably talked with Aaron, Dave, and Eli about all the cool ideas for things we can build for the pinball industry. Now we're shifting into high gear to make them happen!

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This is the web version of an edition of our FAST Friends newsletter, our monthly-ish email newsletter sharing the latest in the FAST Pinball world and from our extended family of pinball makers and builders.

FAST at Texas Pinball Fest this month

Aaron and I (Brian) will be at the Texas Pinball Festival in the Dallas area next month (March 25-27).

We'll share our plans for both for the FAST Modern Pinball Platform, as well as the FAST Retro Platform which offers "drop in" replacement for CPU boards to unlock new functionality in older machines. (Currently Williams System 11 through WPC-95 are planned.)

We have a speaking session at 7pm on Friday called "Indie Developers: Inquire Within" where we'll review our full plans and show how we can help you realize your pinball dreams, whether it's building a new machine, updating the code on an existing machine (e.g. a "2.0" game), or adding cool and rich mods.

You'll have to wait until TPF to find out the full details, though information is coming out about the first commercial project which includes components of the FAST Retro Platform, which is . . .

Rudy's Nightmare is powered by FAST Pinball!

You've probably heard that Pedretti Gaming has announced a "2.0" upgrade kit for FunHouse called Rudy's Nightmare. Pinball Magazine and Pinball News have stories on it, and of course there's a huge thread on Pinside.

We are extremely excited that this project is nearing release, and proud to get FAST products into customers' hands beyond the homebrew community. Rudy's Nightmare includes the original FunHouse "1.0" game code which runs from the original ROM files (legally and licensed) directly on the FAST Retro Controller board via an emulation layer that Eli & Dave created. Since the FAST Retro Controller has full access to the running code, we can do all sorts of cool things, like pull out data and stats from the original running code while it's live. This is how the new playfield LCD screen (part of the Rudy's Nightmare upgrade kit) is able to emulate the original lights from the original FunHouse game—the FAST Retro Controller sends the lamp states to the new computer in the backbox which, during 1.0 game play, is used to draw the original style lamps onto the new playfield LCD screen. This is also how the segmented display shown on the LCD works when you're playing the 1.0 game too, the FAST Retro Controller is streaming the segment data to the new computer which is connected via HDMI to the display.

So, wow, what else could be pulled out of running 1.0 games with a FAST Retro Controller??? We'll talk about that at TPF!

Work in Progress: The Seattle Pinball Shack!

Now that I've joined FAST Pinball full time, I'm building out a dedicated space for the various projects we'll be working on. I'm excited to share that I've rented a garage down the street from my house (in Seattle) which I'm converting to our Seattle Pinball Shack. We'll have space for the machine projects we're working on, as well as an electronics lab, and plenty of lights, cameras, and studio equipment to record tutorials, product demos, podcasts, live streams, etc. I imagine that I'll be able to start recording product videos here in the next few weeks which will be added to the website soon!

Happy Pinballing Everyone! Brian, Aaron, Dave, & Eli FAST Pinball

Documentation Feedback? Requests? Confused?

Hi! I'm Brian, and I'm responsible for the documentation at FAST Pinball. If you have any feedback, requests, corrections, ideas, or any other thoughts about this documentation, please let me know! You can email me at Thanks!

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